Kebaya-Bomber ‘Chintz’ by Mel Ahyar

Really sorry for my late reviews. I’m juggling with deadlines and had a hard adjustment with new editor(s). Hehe. But i guess i should write down about Mel Ahyar’s new collection on her first label. It shown on last April in Fashion Nation. It is an annual event held by Senayan City, an upscale mall in South Jakarta.

For her latest collection: Chintz, Mel doing an out-of-the-box perspective about Batik Belanda. If you didn’t really familiar with it, you better check it out. Batik Belanda is batik with certain motives, contain European tale like Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, until an illustration about war (that’s why it depicted airplane to tank images).

Mel did not use any batik on his collection. “There is no batik in it. I dont wanna use it,” said her. So,  she use Batik Belanda as an inspiration and research material. She use patchwork from flanel as an application and embossed embroidery as her main techniques.

Pale colors are also dominate this collection. Start from pink to pastel, everything is remind us to an old textiles from that era. “There is a vintage feels that i wanna bring on this collection,” said this Esmod graduate.

She also played with the silhouettes. There are kebaya, a blouse with a cape, and also a dress with qi pao twist on it shoulder and neckline. There are something from Dior’s new look to something that really new such as kebaya slash bomber jacket. I guess this is a really new intake on kebaya after a really boring brocade kebaya with a lot of blings and extreme cutting that changed traditional kebaya’s shape really much. It just the right time to adapt shape of kebaya into something that really modern and edgy.

Uber cool kebaya-bomber (center). Photo credit goes to

Uber cool kebaya-bomber (center). Photo credit goes to

It is really cool that, kebaya shape applied on bomber jackets form on a pale colors. It is lovely. Easy to imagine that kutubaru shape kebaya–on the front–and bubly shape on the back used as a daily wear. It is really wearable!

Mel said that this collection talk about another girl. “It is different from the previous girl,” said Mel. She said that the previous girl from Suvarnabhumi collection is a lil bit darker and not much cheer up. But this ‘new girl’ is more quirky and confident. “She is also younger,” said Mel. Maybe she is trying to say that Andien would be her muse and regular client, rather than Anggun. Yes indeed, Mel and Andien even doing a re-launch of Happa–her second line–together. It gonna happened today (May 27th, 2015)


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