A Sad Week

I guess we are all sad to hear about what happen to Priyo Oktaviano. I can’t believe my eyes when two days ago my friend send me a picture. It is 16 looks from Priyo from Dewi Fashion Knight 2014–and also an official closing for Jakarta Fashion Week 2015–which put side by side with Prabal Gurung’s FW 2014. Most of it looks like a twin…

It is shocking yet, really sad. Is he really had an intention to do this? I know last season he had resemble Balmain, but he did not going too far. But this time? Most of the silhouette and hem line looks like copy paste. 😦

Well, but we don’t know what happen behind the curtain right? We can’t do any judgement. Priyo himself did not wanna talk about this. You could read his comment here 

On November, 12th 2014, Majalah Dewi–the organizer of Dewi Fashion Knight, part of JFW 2015–announce that Priyo is oficially not a part of DFK since November, 11th 2014. It is stated that ‘it is for good and it is also for the sake of fashion industry’. CCO of Dewi, Ni Luh Sekar also stated that since that time Priyo and his works African Blu was not a part of DFK 2014. To read a full story about this, you could find it here and here.

Ni Luh also said that Dewi, did not found a problem before the collection launched last week on November 7th, 2014.  They are also said to all the designers that plagiarism are extremely prohibited.

So, what actually happen here? It is too bad. Personally, i still believe that Priyo is a talented designer with dozen of awards abroad. I hope he will be back and bring a great collection ahead and he will prove that he had a huge quality.

Priyo Oktaviano (left) Vs Prabal Gurung (right)

You could see what i mean? 😦

Galore from 2014 Collection. It is from Tapis Lampung material. (Courtesy of Priyooktaviano.com)

Galore from 2014 Collection. It is from Tapis Lampung material. (Courtesy of Priyooktaviano.com)


This! 😦


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