‘Preppy’ is one word that describe me. “You are the most preppiest guy from T*mp* that i ever met. You look different than the other,” said one of my colleague one day in House of Representatives. It happens while i’m doing a coverage for hard news around two years ago.

My former boss also said that i’m too stylish for a reporter in our group. “It seems that you will fit to cover lifestyle,” he said.  Yes he is right. I was said blatantly that i want to be a lifestyle journalist since the final interview on recruitment. But, it did not come suddenly. They keep me to cover Economy, Metropolitan (including criminal cases), and then National issues (Defense and later on Politics).

It took two years for me to struggle on hard news before a heartwarming news (for me) on January finally come. “You will be on lifestyle desk starting on next month,” said my boss back then. And voila! I do LOVE my job now. It does not matter how tiring it was, but i have fun while doing on it.

So, this blog will contains all of my previous publications and (hopefully) on going publications about lifestyle (it is including fashion, culinary reviews and hangout). I would add any information behind the stories if it necessary.  I hope you guys will enjoy this blog! 🙂

Am i preppy enough?

Am i preppy enough?

PS: I guess, this blog will flood with a lot of my previous article. A lot of people ask me to start this blog, so i guess i should get rid on it. :p


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